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Are you losing muscle mass? Has your flexibility decreased? Do you eat a meal that is not in your plan and the effects are like a month of junk food? I think your 30s are starting to show their effect. All this is a consequence of hormonal changes that all women suffer but that you can control and lessen the effects if you follow a healthy lifestyle, balanced nutrition and physical activity.

The gym is not the only option to stay in shape, there are many alternatives to be active. I bring you a list so, if you have not included them in your daily routine, now is a good time to do it. Trust me your body will thank you!

1. YOGA. The best option regardless of whether you have been exercising for years or started today. Helps to increase your flexibility, strengthen your core giving stability and better posture, reduce stress. Practice at least 2 to 3 classes a week. It is an excellent option for your resting days.

2. HIIT. We need to keep our metabolism running at its peak, and the best tool is interval training. You stimulate your muscles while burning fat and the best thing is that you optimize your time. In 40 very intense minutes you achieve better effects than with an hour and a half routine.


I practiced it a few years ago and I can properly say that it is the best exercise. You work all the muscles of your body, notably improves your respiratory capacity (I am asthmatic, and after being hospitalized for a pulmonary emphysema, it was the basis of my rehabilitation)

4. RESISTANCE EXERCISES WITH YOUR OWN WEIGHT. Squats, push ups, pull ups, planks, are some examples of exercises that you can do without any equipment, in your home and are basic to develop strength and endurance, something very important that we lose with age.

5. PILATES. It is a fusion of yoga with resistance exercises. It is a little faster, more dynamic and focused on the largest muscle groups, speeding up your metabolism and burning more calories.

You see, the gym is not for everyone, but that is not an obstacle to staying healthy. As an old friend say, "We proudly show our age, with dignity, beauty and strength!” So I hope you are encouraged to practice some (or all) of these disciplines.

And tell me which one has given you the best result?

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