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9 out of 10 women have cellulitis, and let me tell you a secret, I’m one on those 9. YES, I have cellulitis! But the good news is that I also know how to eliminate it and I want to give you some tips. But first I want to explain what exactly cellulitis is.

Cellulitis is simply an irregularity in the skin due to the accumulation of fat. There are women more prone to have it than others regardless of whether you are overweight or not, believe it or not, many super skinny women are full of cellulite!

The exact cause of cellulitis is not yet discovered, what I can tell you are the factors that make it worse: genetics, hormonal imbalances, circulation problems, poor nutrition and gender, women are much more vulnerable, but men can have it too.

Daily physical activity and a balanced diet will help you keep it under control; you should eliminate simple carbs, sugary drinks and sweets. We all know that, but what I want to show you are the 5 magic foods that I eat every day to stay 90% cellulite free. Grab paper and pen, here they go, in order of preference:

1. Blueberries.

Besides that I love them, they stimulate the natural production of collagen making your skin stronger and more elastic. They are also full of antioxidants that help your lymphatic system to eliminate toxins accumulated in the areas with cellulitis.

2. Green leafy veggies.

Like spinach or kale, they are super low in calories and rich in Lutein, a basic antioxidant that improves your blood flow and eliminates cellulite. Other green vegetables that you should eat if you want to say goodbye to cellulitis are asparagus and cucumber.

3. Nuts.

Rich in Omega 3, they keep my skin healthy, with a unique shine and blocks the accumulation of toxins. Be careful because are SUPER high in calories, you must weigh every gram, otherwise that excess will transform in fat.

4. Green Tea.

It has a thermogenic effect that stimulates your metabolism, means you burn more calories, accumulate less fat and cellulite disappears!

5. Water + Lemon + Apple Vinegar.

My morning ritual! Combination of minerals and antioxidants that help you eliminate toxins and reduce water retention. It is not tasty but it is effective!

WATER (this is an extra tip).

It is good for everything but in this specific case, it will help you stay hydrated, improve your circulation and improve the flow of lymph from the body.

Include these foods in your daily diet and I guarantee that you will see impressive changes! My pictures does not lie!

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