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You want a description of what a love-hate relationship is, Well just 2 words, LEGS DAY !!!

The most hated day, but when we finish, is the one that brings more satisfaction.

Today we focus on body weight exercises, with a bit of ABS to give stability to the core. Most of the time, the simplest is the most effective.

SUPERSET #1 > 4 rounds

  • Bodyweight Squats > 10, 3 sec pause,10 more (total 20 reps)

  • Leg raises 20 reps

SUPERSET #2 > 4 rounds

  • Reverse Lunges 20 reps each side

  • Romanian Deadlift 15 reps (you can use resistance bands or dumbells)

  • Crunches 20 reps

SUPERSET #3 > 100 challenge > 5 rounds

  • Jumping Squats 20 reps

  • Glute Bridges 20 reps

  • Calves in squat position 20 reps

Enjoy it and tag me on Instagram to see how strong it was and how your legs ends shaking.

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