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Everybody knows how hard the last 3 months have been. During the quarantine there was chaos, lockdown, suddenly change of plans and we had no choice but to adapt to a totally new lifestyle.

Personally, One of the biggest impacts was not being able to go to the gym and be forced to workout from my home. I know that most of you think that it’s easy for me because I’m a trainer and I have a lot of exercises ideas and my motivation is always HIGH. But in reality it was more difficult for me than what I thought it would be! 

The First month was fun because everything was new, running in the mornings, workout with bands, everything was pretty straight forward. But as the weeks went by,it became increasingly harder to gather energy and motivation to get through my workouts. As days went by I began to realize how much I missed the gym!! 

I always try to find the positive side to any situation, and this time was no different. One of the benefits from this time away from the gym was that I was forced to rest. Over the course of the past few years I had been consistently training and putting my muscles under intense loads plus some nagging injuries had me in constant pain. I had pain in my shoulder, in my knee, tennis elbow are some of my conditions that had become chronic and I knew that the only way to improve it was though rest and rehab.  

Resistance bands training, was GREAT and I’m really impressed by how much it helped my joints. Resistance bands help you with the flexibility and improve joint mobility. Unlike weights, bands do not depend on gravity to create tension, this reduces the impact on joints, effectively reducing the risk of injuries.

I’m not saying that I’m going to quit weights but I have certainly become more aware of the importance of this type of training and I will make sure to implement these kind of exercises to my daily routines. Flexibility and joint mobility has definitely become a priority.

But the good news is that we will be back to the gym soon! FINALLY! I Hope all of you are ready because I have a lot of new techniques and ideas that I will apply in your workouts VEROFIT IS BACK AND RELOADED!!!! 

How was your experience with these home workouts during the lock down! What new things did you discover? Would you apply any of these techniques to your workout routines at the gym? Comment below! 

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