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No, I'm not lying to you, you can lose 5 or more pounds without having to move a muscle, watching your favorite Netflix series. Sounds good right?!

I just want to do a little challenge with you, for the next 2 weeks the only thing you going to drink is WATER, not sodas, no package juices, not even natural juices, ONLY WATER. You can eat whatever you want, there will be no changes in your diet, I want to show you how easy you can start losing weight.

Look, a 12 oz can of soda has about 150 calories and 40 g of sugar (4 g more of the American Heart Society daily recommendation for an adult). So let's do some numbers, if you take 2 cans a day minimum, one with lunch and one with dinner, they are an additional 300 cal per day. And at breakfast you wanted to opt for something healthy and you took a natural orange juice, there are another 130 cal and 15 gr of extra sugar (yes, orange juice has fructose and your body assimilates it as sugar).

If we apply a simple addition, it gives us that only in drinks you are consuming an extra of almost 500 calories a day, that is 3500 extra calories a week.

To lose 2 lbs a week it is recommended to have a caloric deficit of 300 to 500 calories a day. So there is the key, just do the test, this may be what is taking you away from your ideal weight.

Do you accept the challenge? Just water and 5 lbs less in only 2 weeks?

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