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I have more than 10 years into the fitness industry but more than 15 years training for myself. I have tried almost everything, different training methods, new diets, old diets, a lot of cardio, no cardio at all, weight lifting, bodybuilding and much more, and believe me, sometimes can be frustrating.

One thing that I learned through all these years and I tell to all my clients and people that ask me for any advice is “Keep it as simple as you can” and “you have to be patient”.

Any transformation process take time, just create an attainable plan, attach to it and go 1 day at time.

Now let me ask you, how is your transformation process going? Are you starting to see results or are you getting frustrated and demotivated? Do you want me to tell you my 3 key elements to a Successful Transformation Program? OK, here I go;

1. Increase the difficulty of your workouts.

If you want different results you have to do different things. You don’t want your body get used to the same exercises and hit the plateau, so that’s why you have to be switching things up frequently. But be careful, if you’re making changes too often same thing will happen, you don’t going to see any progress neither.

2. How and when to change up your programs.

I like to change my programs every 6 to 8 weeks. But when I said “change” there are a lot of variables to play with like rest intervals, amount of reps, sets and the types of exercises you do. Y personal tip, switch between your two primary goals. If you are looking to lose weight or build muscle, implement a strength phase every six to eight weeks delivers amazing results. 3. How frequently should you exercise?

The better way to train is more frequent less intense workouts. This way reduce the risk of injury, maximizes training consistency and helps to build long term daily exercise habits. Is proved that the person who trains at 70 or 80% of their max effort six days a week will beat the person who trains at 100% of intensity three days a week because when you refer to a long term success, consistency is the magic word!

To summarize, my 3 key elements to success in every transformation program are: PROGRESS OVERLOAD, PERIODIZATION and CONSISTENCY.

Now everything is going to be easier for you, but if you need more advice or when you’re ready to learn more about more training tips, it’s time to start working together. Follow the link bellow and join the TEAM VEROFIT.

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