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In this return from quarantine, the question I have been asked the most has been, how did you do to stay focused and not gain weight? Do you look even skinnier than before the lock down? You even look more shredded and fit! How you did?

The true is that I didn't do anything different, only my workouts and because I didn't had another option. All I did was stick to my healthy habits. I know my body and I also know which are the foods that benefit me and the ones that don’t, also know that the main key is be aware or the portion size.

Every day my goal with each of my clients and the people who ask me for advice is to make them understand that they MUST NOT FOLLOW A DIET! They must learn to eat and start changing their habits, one at time. Slow progress is better than no progress.

I can say, without fear of being wrong, that we all are emotional eaters, someone’s more than others, but if you are like me and you like to eat, I’m sure that more than once you have been in the situation of eating until you cannot even breathe simply because it was your Cheat Meal.

This took me many years to learn and accept this, but I realized that my relationship with food was not good, so many extreme diet, a lot of contest preps made me lose control every time I had to eat out or when I feel overwhelmed. That's where the strength and mind control are really important, to help you identify when to stop. What is the purpose of always being craving and in one meal eating the world and then feeling bad and guilty? If you can have a balanced diet, eat what you like EVERY day and without that guilty feeling because you know that you are stronger than that impulse and will stop when you are satisfied.

The main point of this is that you don’t have to be a slave of a diet, learn how to change your habits and all the process will be much easier. We have to eat to fill out our body with nutrients, no feel those emotional gaps that we have. If this is your problem go deeper and find the root of the problem.

All this experience and learning process make me develop this new challenge, I’ll help you to lose weight WITHOUT DIETING, and my commitment is show you how doing simply changes to your habits your life going to make a 180 degree turn.

WE ARE NOT MASTER CHEF – The Challenge, in just 60 days you will lose at least 10 pounds eating only recipes from my eBook. The challenge is FREE, you just have to follow the link and get your copy, and once you do that I’ll reach you with all the details of the challenge.

If you are with me in this journey, you know what to do! I’m here for you and I’ll help you to reach your goals in an easy way!

Last thing, the winner of the challenge will earn 1 month of FREE online training with me. Get your copy today. LIMITED SPOTS!

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