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It has been almost 2 months since a Quarantine was started and the world suddenly stop. Many of us had our 2020 planned to perfection and we were sure it would be an excellent year! But, life is so unpredictable, from one day to the other, BOOM! Something that we never thought could happen or be possible, it happened! And left us disoriented, in a big Limbo and asking ourselves a question "What are we going to do now?"

One of my big concerns was the gyms closure, obviously that’s my office, but the lack of social distance, the amount of people and many other factors makes it a high risk place so from the first day of all this chaos I knew that something hard was coming.

Those who know, also know that I am not a person to stay chill, my mind always goes a thousand miles an hour (that's why I always try to be busy), but having so much "free" time I realize that I had 2 options:

  1. Get myself crazy, thinking about how bad the situation was (or what we would) not knowing how long it would last this lock down and stay arms crossed doing nothing.

  2. Use my restless mind to look for alternatives and options to keep me busy but running my plan to develop new projects that I had in standby.

Well, I choose option 2, LOL. No need to be very smart to know that the world has changed, and our industry, the Fitness industry is one of the most affected and the one that will feel most those changes.

No more gyms packed with hundreds of people, now we going to have to train with gloves and a masks, EXTREME hygiene measures, without forgetting the fear of people who, seeing all this, will not want to step on a gym again in a LONG time.

But I know that many who are reading this will think, "Yes, but out there are thousands of people posting exercises on the internet or social media!” Yes, it is true, but as in any career, there are also thousands of doctors, lawyers, accountants; the key is to know how to differentiate yourself from the rest and seek to be recognized as THE best in what you do.

That is the main reason why I decided to enroll in OTA, and I want to give you my ONLINE TRAINER ACADEMY REVIEW.

Believe me, my reputation is much more important, I don't want to be another "INSTA TRAINER" that is going around making our profession look bad.

"To be the best you must surround yourself with the bests!"

If what you are looking for is a course in which they promise to earn $ 10,000 sitting on the sofa in your house in 1 week, this is NOT for you! (Not saying that they are lying to you)

But if what you are looking for is an overall knowledge of what is the creation and design of a real online business about, with solid projections, and you are willing to have "blind faith" and follow step by step the instructions of Jonathan and each other coach from OTA family, YES, you are a good candidate!

  • How to start you business? What type of clients should you focus on? What makes you unique to face competitors?

  • How to structure your business, from how to create a complete program, to the use of software to optimize your time.

  • How to take care of your clients and keep them motivated and committed to the process.

  • How to get clients and how to become their number 1 option. How to be in the top of their minds?

These are just some of the points that are addressed in this course, which despite being specifically focused on personal trainers, is so rich and valuable that it could be used in any online business goal you have.

I am officially graduated from the OTA academy and that’s why I'm writing my ONLINE TRAINER ACADEMY REVIEW but I know that this is only the first step. I am already seeing results, my online client’s portfolio is growing and it is a new horizon for my career as a personal trainer. This quarantine helped me to value every minute of my life and to know that time is our most precious resource, and if I can optimize it, I will do it for sure!

“Win the one who works smarter and know how to use the tools in your favor and not working endless hours sacrificing time that you can use to share with your loved ones.”

Online training is the new era of fitness! And if start in this world is something that has already crossed your mind, don't wait any longer and start taking action today! I will put here a link to one of the books that helped me see more clearly all the benefits of taking this step to grow my career.

Follow my link and you can have the book and the audio book for FREE:

I will also leave you here the link in case you already made the decision and this testimony was that impulse you needed to start your career as an Online Trainer:

I know that the review was very long and I really want to thank you for taking the time to read it, but I needed to tell you about my experience because if something is good and worth it, I think it was necessary to give my ONLINE TRAINER ACADEMY REVIEW and spread the word in order to have more professionals in our society.


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