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Lately, I have had to work with several postpartum clients, and it is very curious that the common denominator among all of them is abdominal weakness and lower back pain.

When the baby start growing, your abdominal muscles get stretch and as a consequence of this most of the women after give birth ends with an abdominal distension.

Another concern of post-partum women’s are the unstable hips and pelvic floor problems. All this is a result of the weak abdominal muscles, if you can’t control your pelvis, you can’t control your hips.

But as everything in life, there is a solution for this, just include these 3 techniques in your daily routine and workouts and get your body back.

1. Abdominal Breathing: inhale and expand your abdominal cage in all directions. And when you exhale, you should flex and activate your abs. With this technique you activate the transverse abdominal, pelvic floor and lower back, working in your stability.

2. Core Activation: first you have to stand straight and contract your abs, a good reference is, imagine that somebody going to hit you in your abdomen and you have to get ready to take that punch. Relax and repeat.

3. Posture: this is an important point for everyone, not just for those new moms. Stand up straight, chest out, relax your shoulders and look forward, never look down!

A pregnancy and a new baby is a radical change in the life of every woman. In addition to all the hormonal and physical changes are the psychological changes.

The most important thing, is to help them recover their confidence and return to their exercise routine they had before giving birth.

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