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I'm Veronica Aguera, better known as VEROFIT.


With over 10 years experience in the fitness industry, bodybuilder Figure competitor and passionate about my career, I will give you all the tools that you need to achieve your goals in a real, simple and healthy way.


With training routines that adapt to your physical level and meal plans that allow you to eat REAL food, let me transform your body and your life into a new, healthier and happy one!


I started on 2008 as a FIT COMBAT instructor in my native country, Venezuela, over time I got more involved into fitness world and decided to expand my knowledge, and I decided to get certified in other disciplines such as Step, TRX, functional training among others.

In 2013, I moved to US, I had many plans but among them there was never the option to leave my passion aside, I realized that there was a world yet to discover, the fitness industry is so big and wonderful that I couldn't stay only with what I had, I decided to go for more and got my first certification as a Personal Trainer with the NFPT (National Federation of Personal Trainers).

Then I met a very good friend who was getting ready to compete in bodybuilding and she invited me to know a little more about that world. Those who know me know that I am a person who loves challenges so, guess what happened next, I DECIDE TO COMPETE!

2015 was my first contest as a Bikini, the transformation was AMAZING! Loved the process, the challenges and the experience all these left me wanting more.

2016, I did the Royal Palm Classic, a biggest contest. This time I already knew better how the process was so I was mentally more prepared. Liked the results but I was looking for a biggest challenge.

2018, Florida Grand Prix and my first contest as a Figure Competitor, THIS ONE WAS REALLY HARD! More than once I thought I would not make it. This challenge was much more than physical, it was mental, I tested my limits and exceeded them and I realized how strong we can be when we have a goal that we want to achieve with all our soul, heart and strength.


I did it and it was my last one, for now, I have not closed that door, it means that at any moment I can surprise you with my next prep!  What do you think?


Why did I took a break from the competitions? For this project! VEROFIT! It's time to get to the next level.


Knowledge is never enough, so in 2019 I became coach of ACE (American Council on Exercise).

New challenge, Online Training, and already with successful results that you can see in the testimonials section, I know it will be a complete success.

Are you with me? Do you want to be another success story of TEAM VEROFIT?

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