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You have to set your mind and your body for success, but also you have to set up your kitchen if you are really serious about losing weight. Let’s start simple, I’m pretty sure that you don’t even imagine which are those 3 foods that has you stuck and don’t let you lose more weight.

1. Dressings. Maybe you are the type of person that don’t eat another thing that salads because you think that is the only and the fastest way to drop some pounds, well it’s time to get rid of your dressing. Because of that, some salads can have more calories than even a burger, adding tones of calories from fat and sugar.

From now on, try another options such as lemon juice, mustard or olive oil (but only one teaspoon).

2. Coffee Creamer. Again, even the non-dairy – fat free versions are full of sugar and hidden fat, and this is just for 1 serving that is just one tablespoon. Many of us drink more than one cup of coffee per day. Now start doing the addition!

3. Sugary Drinks. It’s obvious but should be in this list. Full of sugar that let you craving for more, these drinks cause an effect to the brain very similar to the effect of the cocaine, that means that sugar cause addiction! Now you can understand why you always want more? If you are looking for the sparkling feeling you can chose a sparkling water or the ZERO version.

A lot of people think that because the label have the word "healthy" in the label you can eat it without control, ending with an excess of fat, calories and sodium.

Eliminate these 3 foods from your kitchen and start seeing changes and let this strategy be the beginning of a full kitchen clean-up.

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