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Are you having a hard time losing weight?

Did your tummy start to come out? Welcome to your 30’s!

Women go through many hormonal changes with the pass of the years, our muscle mass begins to decrease, the risks of osteoporosis increase, metabolism slows down and we begin to accumulate fat more easily in places that we did ever imagine.

There are many women who love to exercise but unfortunately we are not the majority; the reality is that approximately 35% of women worldwide do not practice any type of physical activity.

When we reach a certain age, we realize that it is more difficult for us to lose weight and when we overcome the barrier of 30, exercising and acquiring healthy habits, more than an aesthetic thing, it becomes a health requirement.

But like everything in this life, there is always a solution! We are the only ones who have control over our body, what we should do is start as soon as possible to avoid the struggles of the age!

These are some of my commandments to show proudly my 32 years!

1. Maintain healthy eating habits. For me this is the most important rule of all, you should focus on creating a healthy relationship with food. Stop following those crazy diets that force you to starve, eat everything but in balance, simply control your calories, drink plenty of water and avoid excesses. If you have no idea how to do it, the best will be to look for professional advice.

2. Include in your routines, exercises that take you out of your comfort zone. This will make you feel powerful and that you are capable of achieve whatever you want, and you know what?, YES, YOU ARE!

3. Weight Training. I always say it, “do weight training”, and that's why it's my specialty. The results are much faster than doing just cardio, by developing muscle mass your BMR increases, means, you burn more calories even at rest! And best of all, there is so much variety of exercises that you will NEVER get bored.

4. Set some short-term goal. Run a marathon, put on pants that no longer fit you, drop X sizes to buy that dress for that special event. Something that really keeps you motivated and focused, and when you achieve it you will feel SO EMPOWERED that you want to set another bigger goal and so it will become more than a routine, a self-improvement game!

You are in your best age, and think about something, now you are much more aware, you take much more care of your body and expose it to less excess and abuse than in your 20 right? Well then there is no reason not to look better than 10 years ago!

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